Thats life an analysis of holden caulfield

James Castle, Jane Gallager, the two nuns he spoke to in the coffee shop, and the little child on the curb of the road are a few. Holden wants to be the great savior of a helpless cause and does not realize he has fallen into the evil hands of corruption. Despite his limited experience, his attitude toward women is actually admirable and mature.

He needs to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel; no stranger in a fancy prep school can hope to give him these essential things. Despite his limited experience, his attitude toward women is actually admirable and mature.

His family and culture expect him to be reasonably successful at a prestigious prep school and move on to the Ivy League.

First, he wants to run off with Sally Hayes and maybe get married. The reason for this idolization is that Allie will never become corrupt. Pheobe, diametrically, has not yet been absorbed by society but is on her way and Holden nor anyone else can stop her.

The prognosis for Holden in the book seems very grim. Holden Caulfield Analysis You are here: His general health is poor.

The Catcher in the Rye: Holden Caulfield Analysis

He is uncomfortable with his own weaknesses, and at times displays as much phoniness, meanness, and superficiality as anyone else in the book.

He is one of the most intricate and unforgettable characters ever to inhabit the pages of a book and is more real than most people you encounter on the street. One of the reasons we like Holden is that he is so candid about how he feels. For better or worse, Holden's own maturation has begun.

He is young, clever, sympathetic, and likable, and Holden respects him. In his confusion, he sees this behavior as a weakness that may even call for psychotherapy.

Alexandra Dunham Corruption is what Holden wants to avoid but cannot because he wants to grow up and act like an adult. There are a few main instances in which Holden encounters corruption directly.

His inability to successfully negotiate the chasm leaves him on the verge of emotional collapse. Holden may or may not have progressed enough, learned enough, matured enough at the sanitarium to make it in the future.

Like many characters in the novel, he drinks heavily. He has everything a child could ever want, including two parents who like each other and their children; unfortunately, none of these things are enough to stave off death and the changes which an inexplicable illness in a young person are sure to bring.

No one knows whether Holden wants to become an adult or stay a child. These experiences are what frighten Holden because this boy of sixteen has already been involved in many of the pleasures and problems that come from these experiences.

Holden has yet to acquire many different aspects of adulthood. He seems best at the rites of passage smoking and drinking that are themselves artificial if not self-destructive. Two that affect Holden very much is his brother D. His acceptance of Phoebe's need to "grab for the gold ring" indicates that he sees her as a maturing individual who must be allowed to live her own life and take her own risks.The Catcher in the Rye: Holden Caulfield's Coming of Age Story Words | 10 Pages game” (8).

Holden does not understand Spencer’s metaphor. Holden believes that life can only be a game if people are given advantages.

The Catcher in the Rye

Sep 01,  · Who Wrote Holden Caulfield? live @ Intimate & Interactive on Much Music Subtitles in Spanish. Character Analysis In the beginning of The Catcher in the Rye, we see one type of person in Holden Caulfield.

By the end of the book, we see a whole new person. By the end of. Holden Caulfield, protagonist of J.D. Salinger's magnum opus The Catcher in the Rye, is 17 years old and alienated from almost everything.

Famously, he harbors a pathological hatred of what he. Who Wrote Holden Caulfield? by Green Day song meaning, lyric interpretation, video and chart position as it was "Punk Rock." The narrator and main character of the novel is an outcast named Holden Caulfield - this song is about him.

king 4 a day n time of your life. then warnin has macys day parade n blood sex n booze. then shenanigans. Holden Caulfield, the narrator and protagonist from the J.D.

Salinger novel, The Catcher in the Rye, comes from a privileged background with a father who is a .

Thats life an analysis of holden caulfield
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