Lab for specific heat

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After the lab, emphasis is made on topics now the students have been exposed to the activity. Bomb calorimeters are used for constant volume heat capacities, although a coffee-cup calorimeter is sufficient for a constant pressure heat capacity.

To measure the heat capacity of a reaction, a calorimeter must be used. If a hot object is placed in contact with colder object, heat Lab for specific heat from the hot to the cold object until they reach an equilibrium temperature. He's the best by far that I am please every time I ask for help.

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It is expressed in units of thermal energy per degree temperature. The sun, we say, is " This final assessment will be graded based on student lab reports, which includes title, purpose of the lab, materials used, procedure that was followed to obtain data, data collection, and conclusion.

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Also, be sure you calculate and show your detailed work both the specific heat and atomic weight of each metal. Have you heard of St. They will be graded on components needed for the lab notebook such as title of lab, lab purpose question to answermaterials needed for experiment, procedure that was followed, data collection, and conclusion to the lab.

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After several minutes, you will observe that the temperature has risen. It is very old. The initial temperature of the cold water should be as much below room temperature as the equilibrium temperature will be above it, so as to balance out errors due to losses of heat by radiation.

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Help with Specific heat lab?

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Heat and Cold

The product of the mass of the calorimeter and its specific heat is called its water equivalent. The heat absorbed by the water, calorimeter, and stirrer is equal to the heat lost by the metal. Remove the water from its heat source and stir it for a couple of minutes. We solved the DVD problem but unfortunately it was after class was over.

That means the moon will be a very thin "waxing crescent.Physics Laboratory Measurement of Specific Heat Capacity and Latent Heat of Fusion Purpose: Using calorimetry, the specific heat capacity of a maetal and the latent heat of fusion of water are to be measured.

Theory: When an object is raised or lowered in temperature the heat input.

Heat Vision

Finding the Specific Heat of a Substance. Chemistry-1 Lab: Specific Heat Page 2 Procedure: 1. If the hot plate you are sharing is not on, turn it on #8. The can should only have about 2” – ” of water in it. More water than that and you’ll never get it to boil.

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Result for the specific heat of the metal: Record the specific heat for the class: Lab Bench 1 Lab Bench 6 Lab Bench 2 Lab Bench 7 Lab Bench 3 Lab Bench 8 Lab Bench 4 Lab Bench 9 Lab Bench 5 Lab Bench 10 Average Specific Heat Questions. Question 1.

Can you identify the metal? The metal cube is made of. Aim: To find the specific heat capacity of a metal using the method of mixtures. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Aluminum’s established specific heat capacity is cal/g °C, lead’s is cal/g °C, and water’s is 1 cal/g °C.

What this signifies is that it takes approximately five times the energy for aluminum to increase its temperature one degree Celsius over water.

Lab for specific heat
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